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These are some pictures of when we started
building. This is in Plaisance. The land is
owned by the St. Michel church. I started
construction in February, 2006. This will be
the managers office and building storage
Started digging the foundation for the
managers office building on 02/27/06
Families were paid to carry
down all the sand and gravel
to the site because there is
no road leading down to the
Young and old helped carry
down the rocks approximately
250 yards. It took about 8 days
to get the material down to the
site. About 26 truckloads of
sand,gravel and rocks.
Water was carried up from the river
by local women to be used to
make the cement.
Go to this site to see
construction of the Village
Managers Office Building
done with the crew in
"First Building
Slide show"
June 18, 2006 we completed
the first duplex. Each home is
22' x 22' . 3 rooms, cement
floors, cement block walls,
metal roof, patio area and a
outside cooking area. You can
view this construction at
Duplex Side Show"
September 17th, 2006 had the grand
opening of the St. Michel Village. Watch the
show here.
As of June 21, 2011, we have 7 (12 homes)
buildings built. Contact us if you would be
interested in helping. The families are now
living in these homes.
This slide show features the
families living in the homes.
Click here to view
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