Novion Education Sponsorship Team
(N.E.S.T. Program)
The Marion Catholic Community Nest program
is a program set up to assist a child in Haiti get
an education. Education is the key to help the
people of Haiti break the doors of poverty. The
Marion Catholic Community twin parish in
Novion/Bayeux has been given money from the
archdiocese in Haiti to set up a school in
Bayeux. Fr. Jacquelin Gabriel has started
teaching classes in the parish church of St.
Louis in Novion at the present time.

How will this program work and how can you
       Donations  to sponsor a child in Haiti
will be forwarded to the priest in Novion.
This donation will provide

  1.       Two uniforms for the child.
  2.       All necessary school supplies
  3.       One year of education.

       Sponsors are asked to support a child
for 6 years,the length of time for them to
complete primary school.
       Sponsors can renew after the original
6 years are completed for as long as they
would like.
       The sponsor will be given a picture of
the child and family information.
Novion Education Sponsorship Team