About Us
About N.E.S.T the Novion Education Sponsorship Team

N.E.S.T. is a program put together through the cooperation
of Marion Catholic Community Parishes in Mercer County
Ohio and their sister parish in Novion, Haiti.

Haiti has the highest rate of illiteracy in the Western
hemisphere, is also one of the poorest countries of the
planet. Many children do not go to school that increases
the juvenile delinquency. The catholic church assumes
responsibility for many of the services normally provided
by government, relying considerably upon donations and
individual sponsorship to accomplish this effort.

N.E.S.T. is a sponsorship program to financially enable poor
children in Haiti to have access to school. Funding is
provided by a person who pledges and  pays an annual
amount from $ 250.00 for 6 years. This allows the child to
complete primary school.
Most of them have their two parents, but they are very
poor . They have to struggle day after day to find their daily
bread. This helps to explain their lack of means to pay the
education scholarship of their children. Even though most
are not orphans, the critical condition in which they live
does not allow them to continue to go to school. This
approach will allow them to have access early to school
and to stay at least until the last primary degree