Make a Monetary Donation:
  • OBAAT is a registered 501(c)3 corporation. Your donations could be tax deductible. It is best if
    you check with your financial adviser.
  • All donations will go to help build the homes in Haiti. Those funds also include fund raising
    and administration cost. OBAAT only has one payed part time employee.
Sponsor a Home:
  • The cost to build a home is about $8000.00.
  • Toilets are separate from the homes at an additional cost of $1000.00.
  • Sponsored homes are identified with a personalized plaque if the contributor desires as a
    living memorial or home of honor.
  • A sponsor will receive a photo of the actual home your gift builds and the actual family you are
    helping. You will also receive a certificate acknowledging your gift.
Support a Home:
  • The people living in these homes are the poorest of the poor. They struggle to have money for
    food daily
  • Completed buildings need to be maintained
  • $50.00/ year would give us a fund to maintain these buildings without asking the recipients for
  • A commitment for more than a year would be helpful to eliminate administration cost.
  • It takes about 3 weeks to build a duplex.
  • Volunteer for a week or stay for three.
  • Airfare is around $800.00
  • Room and board is $5.00 /day
  • Transportation cost will depend on the size of the group. General transportation is about
  • Taxes to leave the country are $28.00
  • Passports are required
Sponsor a Volunteer:
  • If you would like to help but don't have the time to volunteer, help someone else go
  • you can give the opportunity to another person that does have the time and desire but not the
    monetary support to go.
  • You would have the opportunity to meet this person and interview them if you would like to.
Organize a Fund Raiser:
  • OBAAT only has one payed employee. This limits the amount of fund raising that can be done
  • If you have a group that can pitch together and do some fund raising. Here is a chance for you
  • Contact us and we can suggest an activity or work out details on your ideas.
  • There are always supplies or tools that are used on each job that need to be replaced Call or
    look at the wish list for needed items.